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PAXLOVID – The Only Oral Treatment in the USA that is Effective against Early Covid Infections

Most Healthcare Insurances will cover the entire expense of Covid treatment with Paxlovid. Early diagnosis and treatment helps prevent complications. Don’t wait until it’s too late … 

Get Better Quicker – Stay Out of the ER
What you need to know

If you’ve recently been diagnosed with COVID-19, you may be a candidate for the oral treatment option: Paxlovid. The research so far shows that early in the course of the disease, this drug helps people at risk, to limit the amount of virus in the body and improve their symptoms sooner — making it less likely to need the hospital.

Here, you’ll learn about COVID-19 and this oral treatment — including its possible benefits and side effects. Together, you and your doctor can decide if this treatment is an option for you.

We treat Covid19 before you ever need an ER!
Have you tested positive for COVID-19?
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