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Occupational Medicine
When it comes to the health of your employees – and your bottom line – Lockport Express Medical Group is here for you. With our wide range of Occupational Medicine services and commitment to prompt service, Lockport Medical Express Medical Group will exceed your expectations.

Whether your company is big or small, or needs immediate care, work injury, or pre-employment services, we can provide effective, efficient health care solutions. We take the time to thoroughly understand employers’ and employees’ needs, and will work with you to develop customized programs that benefit you and your employees.
Our Goal
Minimize lost working time; maximize convenience for employees, and save your company money!
Our Occupational Medicine Services include :
Physical Exams $100
The benefits of partnering with Lockport Express Medical Group for Occupational Medicine programs can lower your costs by up to 25%!
These benefits include :
Lockport Express Medical
Fast & Affordable Walk-in Service
No Appointment Necessary
Typical Visits Last Under an Hour
Conveniently Located
Adults & Children Welcome
All Major Insurance Plans Accepted
Discounted Self-Pay Rates
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